Massage has many important health benefits. In fact, massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being, especially when it is part of your regular wellness routine.

We purpose you:

Back & Shoulder: 30 min., 30€

Relaxing massage on the back , shoulders and neck using sweet almond’s oil under the sounds of the nature and the smells of exotic essential oils.

Shiatsu & Reflexology: 45 min., 50€

Stress relief- Increases physical and mental well-being – Reduces pain and discomfort.

Aromatherapy Massage: 30 min., 30€ / 50 min., 50€

This kind of massage is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind,mood or health.

Parian Pure Olive Oil Massage: 30 min., 30€ / 50 min., 50€

Relieve your body muscles and get a smooth and velvet skin by a combination of pure olive oil and essential oils extracted by Greek plants.

Reflexology Feet massage: 20 min., 25€

Areas on the foot correspond to areas of the body and by manipulating these health can be improved.